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'7 Simple Steps' - by the hand - Turning you home business profitable!

Do you know where all the $100k months came from?

Paid Search!

Microsoft BingAds, Google AdWords, & Facebook Ads!

When i first started my home business, generating leads and the making of internet riches was so much easier than it is today.

There's a few reasons for that...

Mainly industry saturation. But in 2010, Google clamped down on industries making ridiculous claims, such as weight loss, and make money type offers.

The result?

Many home business owners had their Google AdWords accounts terminated and $100,000/month incomes vanished. Literally overnight!

It was a disaster. Terrible times. Imagine sitting pretty, earning $50,000/month, only to receive an email from Google saying they'd banned you from their platform. 

Your main source of leads, gone!

But as tough as it was at the time...

It's great news for you!

The home business industry is jammed full of people looking for a quick buck. The '3 click riches' crowd. But the market is wide open for serious entrepreneurs who want to create a real business.

2020 and beyond is the turn of the 'real entrepreneur' and if you're willing to do what 97% of the industry is not, and build a proper business, then you're more than half way to the quality of life you crave.

People are still searching on AdWords and Microsoft for what you have to offer, to the tune of hundreds of thousands per day and if you're looking to earn $10,000+ a month, then you need to be tapping into all the potential these paid search platforms provide.

Sure, you'll hear all the other stuff. All the free methods, and all the 2nd rate BS which is carried out in hope more than anything else. I really hope you see through all the nonsense, and don't get dragged in to the swamp of gooroos hyping up their 'get rich quick' training courses.

Ask yourself this...

How do you grow your business?

The simple answer is, you need people who want what you have, and are prepared to give you money in exchange for it. Paid search is where you'll find these people.

They're actively searching, all day long, for what you have to offer. So if you want to find people most likely to buy from you, surely it makes sense for you to be hanging out in those places?

You pay a small fee when someone clicks on an ad to visit your website and that's the part which puts most people off, because it's paid advertising. But when people say to me they don't want to pay to advertise their business it's tells me a lot about them as a business owner.

In fact, what it actually tells me is, they're NOT a business owner.

And here's why...

Paying for advertising is not a cost, it's an investment in your business. I've heard countless hundreds, if not thousands of home business owners with big plans tell me they want to earn, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 a month but when faced with having to invest a bit of money they skulk off into the background muttering nonsense about building a business using the 'free stuff'.

Truth is, you're going to build fuck all using the free stuff, believe me, i've tried. Sure you might make the odd sale, but to build a decent, consistent income with your home business, you need to use the proper tools.

I'm sure you've been pitched by someone who has the most amazing opportunity. They've never seen anything like it before and some guy they know 3000 miles away, has a sister who's friends next door neighbour is making a small fortune, right?

Notice how it's NEVER the person pitching you making the money?

And that's because their methods are flawed!

They're sitting on Facebook messaging everyone they know, and even if a few of them buy, what happens when they've spoken to everyone? What then?

They lose heart and jump into something else and the cycle repeats itself once again.

I still see people today trying to sell something, saying the exact same thing they said to me 10+ years ago.

'Oh but this one is different. This is finally something i can get behind!'

Yea, cos you weren't behind all the other ones?

They just don't understand their success has very little to do with what they're selling. If only they grasped this fact when they joined the industry, they would've made waaay more money and spent less time pretending their home business career is badass, when underneath the bravado, they're nursing a heart full of actual frustration!!!

So let's strip back the bullshit and look at your #1 priority as a home business owner, which is to...

Grow your email list and build relationships with the people on it. 

I'm sure you've heard people say, 'the fortune is in the follow up' and it's 100% true. A very small % will ever buy on first contact.

It's crucial you understand the ONLY way money is made is from sales of your product or service. Money has to change hands so you need people looking at your offer all the time. Too many home business owners are pissing about Facebook, trying to get fans. There's even courses on how to get more likes, how to get your stuff shared, or how to get more followers on Twitter. While this may be good for the feelz...

It doesn't stuff your PayPal full of the good shit!

It's different if you're an internet celebrity. You've already stamped your authority, and people hang on your every word...

1 tweet and thousands of fanboys are commenting. Praying for a reply from their favourite gooroo.

But for the home business owner just starting out or those struggling to get any traction, it's critical you start building your email list straight away. And paid search is the ONLY way you can start now, from day 1, and consistently build an email list full of people who have already expressed an interest in what you're offering.

Compare that to posting a few status updates on Facebook to people who aren't ever going to be a good fit for your business!

There's no way to measure what's working, and no way to grow your business either.

Look at this heart breaking statistic...

97% of home business owners make LESS than $10/week!

And it's not a surprise. They're doing nothing other than trying to persuade anyone who as much as looks in their direction, to grab a spot in their downline.

What a frustrating way to do business!

If you're determined to build a profitable home business then you MUST have things in place to ensure you have a continuous flow of eyeballs looking at your offer. If you can generate a minimum of 10 leads Every.Single.Day, then the odds swing massively in your favour.

Paid search is the only way to ensure that.

Let's take a look at how it works.

You build a campaign full of keywords which you think people in your target market would type in to Google if they were looking to buy what you have to offer. You write ads to grab their attention and once they reach your website, you get them onto your email list so you can start to build a relationship with them.

You set how much you're willing to pay each time someone visits your website and you also set a budget for how much you want to spend per day.

It's super targeted and you're fully in control of how much you spend. Where else can you spark up a conversation with someone who is actively looking for what you have to offer at the exact moment they search for it?

'Thanks for the info Ewan, i'll just go and crack on with it'...


I'll see you back in few days when you've fucked it all up.

Like i did. $1000 in adspend without a single lead. Why? I sent a ton of traffic to my website, but i'd fucked up the tracking code and the grand's worth of visitors saw an error message!


And it's much more complex now than it was back then!

Look, paid search is like trying to ride a wild bull. There's so many parts you need to get right straight away. It's too much for someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

It will end in tears. I guarantee you!

And even if you do manage to build a campaign and start to see some traffic, they'll shut you down in less than a week.

How can i be so sure?

I've worked with home business owners on paid search since 2010. Unless you know how to structure your business in a real, legal way...

You'll get killed.

There's things you simply can not say. That's the main reason very few people in the industry are generating traffic on AdWords or Microsoft...

They point blank refuse to change their pitchy, hypey, spammy ways.

As i touched on before, there's still the hundreds of thousands of people searching, there's just not the same amount of advertisers anymore.

I even had a big name gooroo tell me paid search for home business is dead!

And when i told him he was talking through a hole in his ass and doing his followers a disservice, even after telling him i was actively marketing on AdWords and so were many of my clients...

He blocked me!

These gooroos think paid search is not even an option anymore!

And for you, my friend, it should be music to your ears. More leads, sales, and profit into the ol piggy bank

Okay, so here's the deal...

'7 Simple Steps' - by the hand is a live course. It's not a recorded training where i send you some stuff and you do it yourself. I'll will take you by the hand through the '7 Simple Steps' and together we'll build you a home business ready to take to the market place and win.

You'll never have to worry about generating traffic again.

You'll be unique. Your customers will not want to buy from anyone else.

You'll be their hero.

Your peers will wonder what the hell you're doing.

Just like mine did. I started generating 100's of leads per day. Sales were flowing, and all of a sudden...

I had my first $50,000 Month!

The gooroos were clambering over each other to find out what i was doing. They even started to copy me! Cloning my ads and my landing pages.

So here's what's included... (and you should have gone through my '7 Simple Steps to Home Business Profits' PDF)

We'll brainstorm a unique audience for you to market to. This will position you as the expert and the only logical person for your prospects to buy from.

We'll create an offer based on your brand's products and services which appeals to your unique audience. This part is crucial to ensure compliance with paid search platforms. 99.9% of the industry has no idea about this.

We'll have a professional website built for you ready to convert visitors into leads.

If you don't already have a product to sell, we'll help you put together a range of products for maximum sales and profit.

I'll build you a pay per click campaign inside Microsoft with an adspend voucher to get you started. You'll get a unique set of keywords and ads to attract people most likely to buy from you. I'll also help you manage it for the first month to ensure we maximise what's working and kill what's wasting your money!

Together, we'll use my killer formula i named 'Meet the Demon' to follow up with your leads each day. Few people will buy from you straight away, and you already know the fortune is in the follow up! This process is responsible for millions worth of online profits!

We'll also look at ways you can increase sales and grow your business over time.

I also have one special little bonus reserved for customers of '7 Simple Steps' - by the hand. But it's top secret, and potentially worth millions. And that's not me hyping it up like some shitty gooroo 'get more Twitter followers' course!

This is a huge deal, and if you act on it, could change the...

Well, you'll see when you invest ;)

So who's '7 Simple Steps' - by the hand, for?

Well here's who it's not for. The broke, freebie seeker mentality. Those who buy shit, do nothing, and refund a few days later.

There are no refunds. 

This course will be intense, and i will be putting a lot of time and knowledge into your business. This is not some shitty info product delivered by email. So again, there are no refunds. Think like the business owner you are and make an informed buying decision.

Don't buy on impulse.

If you have kids to feed, and you're on tight budget, i do not recommend going into debt to invest in this course. I threw everything i had at building a successful home business but i only had myself to worry about.

For the best shot at success, you should be financially stable and have some disposable income. You need to be able to absorb a little financial bleeding in the early days while we poke and prod your home business until it's a well oiled traffic guzzling, profit pumping, machine.

In a nutshell...

It's for aggressive marketers only. Those hungry for success

There's a whole lot of money for you to make with a home business, and if you apply the '7 Simple Steps' you could be raking it in. And Fast!

But again, this isn't the gooroo fantasy land. This isn't some secret 'ninja trick'. Real work is required on your part. This is a philosophy, a proven way of doing business with all the tools you need to turn your home business profitable!

Okay Ewan, how much does this cost?

Firstly, if you're thinking that, here's a gentle reminder to question cost vs investment.

But the long and short of it is, and i said it would be pricey, to get started today...

You'll need to invest £1500

Huge cost, but a small investment. Especially with everything included. The extra bonus is worth that alone!

So now it's time to decide if you're in or out.

And that my friend, is 100% up to you!

Click the order button below to get started. 

I fully understand, when i purchase '7 Simple Steps' - by the hand, there are NO refunds!

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