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Dads on Fire was launched with one goal

To Help Dads Get Ahead.

Whether it be some motivation to get fit and in shape, a business which makes you a millionaire or a tip to help you help your child, we want to help you improve the quality of your life, in some way.

In fact, we want to help 1 million dads!

It's funny, i think the 2 things that really help you get ahead, are health & wealth. And we're not really taught anything about it. We all have an idea of what we should be doing but it's obviously not that simple...

Let's take the 2 easiest to measure.

62% of adults in the UK are overweight, with 27% classed as obese! And what's even more worrying is 31% of children 2-15 are overweight.

The average income in the UK is around £29,000, or £23,101 after you've been walloped with tax. £1980/month. A report in 2015 suggests 22% of Britons live hand to mouth and would be broke within a month if they lost their income source. It's suggested, 37% of children live in poverty. That's 4 million children in the UK!

So, it's fair to say, we're not really doing all that well.

But the only thing we can do about those statistics, is make sure we're not in them. 

The world is changing. How money is earned is changing. The internet has changed it! Everything we need to get better is just a few clicks away!

Study hard, get good grades, get a good job, then retire comfortable, is a broken model.

It's 2020. We need to adapt.

For example, more and more people are choosing the flexibility a home business can provide. Home businesses have seen strong growth in recent years, and now account for a substantial proportion of the UK economy. The number of home businesses reached 2.7 million in 2017, up 40 per cent since 2000.

And no wonder! It's so simple to do.

Imagine you worked from home and raked in £10,000/month. While it's not easy. It's absolutely possible!

I've seen people work a home business for years and end up divorced, in massive amounts of debt and back in a shittier job than the one they left to pursue their dream.

But i've also seen people become multi millionaires from council estates!

I've been in the home business industry since 2005. I've seen it all. And since the birth of my boy in 2017, it became crystal clear how i was going to move my business forward.

Build a community of Dads who want to get better!

And it all boils down to one simple thing...

Quality of Life!

Not to be confused with Lifestyle. 

I've been fortunate enough to spend the first 3 years of my son's life at home, nearly every day. And it's been fantastic! I know it's not for every dad, and that's fine. We all have our own goals & ambitions, but i believe in being the best we can be. I also believe the common ground we'll share straight away is wanting the best for our kids, a huge motivator to reach your goals.

So whether you need to lose a bit of weight or start a business to replace your job, we'll have tips, tricks & tools to help you! From health, fitness & finances, to business & mindset, we'll have everything to help improve your quality of life!

And if you've nailed it all already, then you can help me and all the other dads raise our quality of life.

It's a team game!

Here's to raising happy, healthy, strong little fuckers!

Ewan Robb
Dads on Fire

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* By signing up i agree to be added to a mailing list where i will receive DAILY emails & promotional messages from Dads on Fire. See full privacy policy


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