The 'dad bod'...


Apparently, it's become somewhat cool to be out of shape, or 'Softly Round' as they put it.

Fuck off. 

You've let yourself go, mate!

I saw one headline say - 'Dad bods are more attractive than six packs' and nearly 80% of men said they were happier with their dad bods.

And listen, if that's true, if you're happy and confident, great. But if you're too embarrassed to get your top off in the hot tub or hate taking the kids swimming then...

We've got ourselves a problem!

An NHS study said almost half of all men in the UK are overweight, with 1 in 3 obese!!!

Fuck me, lads!

And of the men not overweight, how many are actually 'in shape'?

But it's easily fixed, if you want to.

When we speak of someone being healthy or unhealthy, we typically think of how they live, what they eat etc, but it's much more than that. And all the different areas overlap and effect each other too.

In a nutshell, it's our body's ability to function, and there's 3 key areas you could be working on...

Physical Health.

Pretty obvious. Take care of your body. What you eat. Regular exercise. 

Mental Health.

How you think and feel.

Social Health.

Integration with other people. Work, relationships etc

Improving your mental game is over in the mindset section and, there's tips throughout our website, but this section is all about the physical.

Getting your body into better condition.

The thing is, when you tell yourself you need to lose weight. You don't actually need to lose weight, you need better habits. The shape of your body is just a lagging measure of your habits. A reflection of how you treat yourself!

In my experience of helping people with fitness & nutrition, and specifically 'weight loss', the losing or the gaining of weight, or toning up isn't really the motivator. So if you're trying to make some changes, ask yourself the questions below. There may be a few answers...

I want to lose weight because...

I want to build some muscle because...

I want to tone up because...

I want to improve my diet because...

Now you've got some reasons to take action and keep you going when you hit a rocky spell.

We've put together a quiz to see where we can help...

Get after it!

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