'Mindset Matters Most'

Read that again!

It's a quote from Brian J. Grasso. But it's not just a quote, it's the secret sauce! It's where everything you do, starts.

Thinking is basically asking and answering questions in our head. Everything we do starts with a thought. And we know thought creates action and in turn, action creates results.

So if we want better results, we need to create better actions by thinking better thoughts. We need to improve how we think, improving our mindset.

To improve how we think...

We Need To Ask Better Questions!

Think of it like physical capacity. To cope with more load, the body needs to be stronger and fitter. If you're out for a run and start to climb a hill, it's easy to understand stronger and fitter = an easier time getting to the top of the hill.

Now imagine a race with people of similar fitness. The difference will probably be who has the mental capacity to push themselves furthest.

The weaker mind will quit first.

I heard Tyson Fury tell a story about training at Klitschko's camp. They were both sat in the sauna trying to outdo each other. Fury wasn't prepared to get out first. Klitschko is known as the sauna king. Nobody beats him. 45 minutes later. Fury is nearly passed out with the heat as Klitschko stands up to leave the sauna.

That's the power of the mind. If you're in control! And that's the goal here...

To be in control of your mind

Because it's a powerful servant but a lousy master, and when you try to change things, to improve, you're going to face challenges, difficulties. How you cope with them will ultimately decide your results.

You'll have a certain set of beliefs around such things as money etc. Now it's important to note here...

a belief is an idea you 'think' is true.

Someone close to me once said,

'people like us don't make that kind of money'.

Fuck me! Talk about giving your power away! Statements like these stop us from moving forward and making changes.

And even worse...

Your kids are listening to that bullshit!

And it has to stop.

So, where do you start?

Well, there's a whole industry devoted to improving your mindset. In fact, i read it's worth $11 Billion. There's a lot of fluff and fairy dust out there but i'll try and steer you clear of it.

The first speaker i ever came across was Jim Rohn, back in 2005, and what i've found, when you start on a journey of improving your mind, is it has a funny habit of throwing up exactly what you need to hear, at the time you need to hear it.

And here's something you need to hear...

The results you have in your life right now, you created!

It wasn't anyone's fault!

And when you accept and own it, you're on fire!

So here's a few ideas to get you started...

Turn off the TV.

No more fear based news and shitty reality nonsense. No reading the news on your phone or in newspapers either.

Drink more water.

Replace if you can, (or at least cut down) coffee/tea/fizzy juice and replace it with water.

Move your ass EVERY day.

Get a sweat up. (even just up and down your stairs, you don't have to turn into an athlete)

Dream and set some goals.

Take an hour or so and write down some things you'd like to have, like to do. Anything you want, keep it to yourself. There's nothing to light a fire under you like the excitement of setting goals. (look at people when they book a holiday vs when they just get back)

Start your 'Power Hour'.

Cheesy as fuck, i know, but just get on with it. Read or listen to an hours worth of the good shit, Every.Fucking.Day (when you walk the dog, when you're at the gym, before bed, lunch hour, get up a bit earlier) But make sure you take action on what you learn.

Find something you could improve on. You name it, you can find a book on it. No more excuses.

Here's a billionaire who lives 30 miles or so from me, a great place to start...

Watch here

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