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I get it! It's hard work. Job, business, make money, be at home, spend time with the kids, stay in shape and everything else we demand of ourselves.

It's easy to start skipping the fitness. The morning workout turns into an extra hour in bed. The healthy breakfast turns into grabbing something loaded with sugar on the way to work.

The physique gets fluffy round the edges, or worse. And your energy is shot!

The goals you once had are a distant memory. You're in a decent paying job BUT you're not happy!

Listen, it's fine, you'll get home from work and slump back in the sofa with a nice cold beer. 

Then one day, you wake up and wonder what the fuck happened to you!

And it's easy to blame, point the finger, and play the victim, coming up with all sorts of excuses for your results, or lack of. I've seen it time and time again

But i promise you this...

It's NOT too Late!

Where ever you find yourself today, it's never too late to take charge and start playing a better game. 

To Rediscover Your Fire!

Everyone is on a different journey and need help with different areas.

With Simple

Daily actions!

Simple daily habits took you off track, simple daily habits will put you right back where you want to be.

Ewan Robb

On a mission to help Dads, just like himself, rediscover their fire! Where ever you find yourself today, it's not too late to get back on track.

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I'm not here to tell you how to live your life at all.

That, my friend is 100% up to you!

But what i am here to do, if you take responsibility, own your decisions and know how you want to live, i'll provide the help & direction you need for results!

Is it time for YOU to Step up and Take Control?

You're here because there's at least one area you're looking to level up in…

Business, Work & Finance

Long hours, not enough money? Spent as soon as it lands in the bank? Does your work satisfy you?

Health, Nutrition & Mindset

Sooner or later your health is going to become a priority. Do it on your terms!

Family, Relationships & Fun 

Often, when we're busy, these areas suffer. Never see the kids? When you do, are you present? 

Listen, i don't have ALL the answers, but i've got some good ones! So...

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Game!

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