Anik Singal’s decade old traffic strategies

May 12

Listening to some Robert Kiyosaki this morning while training.

How annoying is YouTube with ads every few minutes? Sometimes 2 ads, 1 after another! Awful.

Anyway, an ad starts, and funnily enough, it was a Kiyosaki ad, on his own video, about building an online business with email.

I clicked through to the page for a look. It was the gig he's got going with Anik Singal. 

The email edge, it's called.

I'm guessing it's something to do with building a list and selling affiliate products to it.

But being the traffic guy, the bit i noticed most on the sales page was Anik's #1 traffic source for building an email list. 

Of course, everyone knows the #1 traffic source is paid search. AdWords/Microsoft/FB etc but i was intrigued to see what he said.

Afterall, these guru types have a tendancy to use #1 with what ever suits the narrative at the time, right?

Well i'm not about to register and watch a 90 minute webinar just because i was intrigued, so i pumped it into YouTube to see if i could find out.

I start watching a short video on how Anik gets traffic to his website.

I'm horrified!

His top answer is hustle.

Fuck me!

Sure, i'll just go ahead and hustle my website full of traffic.

Then he's telling me to search forums and comment. He wants me to comment on blog posts and stuff too.

Then buy solo ads.

I'm thinking this is the stuff people were spouting 10 years ago. 

The gooroos are not still spouting this bollox in 2020, are they?

But then i noticed the video was uploaded 9 years ago, so we'll get off his case and give him a break.

But if you're desperate for website traffic and are still arsing about with forums and other shit like that to build your home business...

Or don't even know where to start, then you need to read this short PDF i put together.

It'a called ‘7 Simple Steps to Home Business Profits’ – A ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Home Business Dads, Hungry for Success!!!

It will help guide you. And it's free...

Just take our short Quiz.

Oh, and if you've watched the webinar or know what he says is the #1 traffic source, let me know 😉

Speak soon

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