Beware the Fake Teachers

May 07

Listening to a bit of Robert Kiyosaki's, Rich Dad Poor Dad when out running yesterday.

On a side note, the scenery just minutes from my house when the weather is like this, is under appreciated. Running along the cliffs, taking in the beauty while the sun burns your skin.

Anyway, I've not listened to Kiyosaki for quite some time, and one of the topics, while so simple, has a massive bearing on the outcome.


Not just what you're learning but who you're learning it from.

In fact, i'd say who you're learning it from is even more important.

Take finance, everyone will give their opinion on how to get rich. The opinions will all differ. Some will even say you can't. But if you have some big income goals, who's teaching do you want?

Your uncle Tam who's worked 50 hrs a week for years and doesn't have much left at the end of each month, or someone who has the level of income you want?

Be careful what you're learning.

Kiyosaki speaks about flight school and how all the teachers are pilots or ex pilots. If you're going to learn to fly a fighter jet, who do you want to teach you?

Some teacher with all the text book answers or a pilot who has years experience and flown fighter jets in a war?

I worked out at an early age, if you want to know something, find someone who's done it already.

Health is another huge area to get right. Look at the Belgian Health Minister, there's something she's not quite getting right, yet she's in charge of the health of a country!!!

It's a huge issue in home business too. Thousands of people promising to coach you on things they've never done themselves.

The lead coach who has no leads other than the ones he got by promising to teach them how to get leads.

The money coach who's made no money other than the money they made from people by promising to teach them how to make more money.

The sales coach who's made no sales other than to people he's promised to show how to get more sales.

The 'laptop lifestyle' coach with no 'laptop lifestyle'

Fake teachers everywhere!

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