Home business fraud, right under your nose

Mar 02

Everyone is trying to build an email list, and sell to it.

That’s what we do.

But there’s wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere you turn.

Just 10 mins ago, i’m scrolling through Facebook and come across some Home Business hero promising a new fancy lead generation technique.

Usual story, tells me how 97% fail at building a list to 100k+ and he knows why. It’s because we’re using all the old methods like squeeze pages and optin forms.

Adwords is not very good lead generation anymore apparently, we should be using #ViralHacking!


It’s got shitty ninja trick written all over it! So i click on the link to see what it’s about…

… and it’s a free training promising me 16,435 leads in the less than 30 days. (why not 16,436?) without relying on any of your current traffic sources. An unusual yet powerful method where you don’t have to rely on any of the ‘usual suspects’ like Google or Facebook!

Now here’s the bit which makes these idiots look stupid.
Where did i see his ad?

Facebook Ads!

So why is he using Facebook ads to promote his new awesome traffic getting strategy if it works so well

Surely you can see through this?

But it’s getting shares and the fanboys masturbating all over the comments section. I know my bullshyt filter is well honed but even Stevie Wonder can see through this!

Same a few weeks back. A gooroo sent an email telling his list how email marketing no longer works and we should all be doing his shiny new method instead.

Telling us about his gimmock which is better than email...

via fucking email?

dafuq are these people smoking?

Don’t fall for the gimmocks!

And don’t use them in your marketing. You look like a dick!

Look, if you want to build a home business which consistently provides you with a decent income, then use PPC to generate leads and email to build relationships and make sales.

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