Lead generation frustrations for newbies

Mar 04

Lead generation is frustrating, isn’t it?

You’ve got a lead capture page, a sexy offer you know they can’t resist. You’re all set up with AWeber and a few emails loaded up ready to go!

All that’s missing is traffic. Eyeballs on your sexy offer.

You’re sitting there scratching your head (or your balls) wondering how to get people to your website and like magic, an email pops into your inbox!

‘5 things you can do this weekend to grow your email list’


’10 ways to quickly generate leads’

You think ‘great, i’ll have all the leads i need to start earning some decent pennies’ but after reading through the content, it leaves you even more confused and frustrated than you were before!

Here’s some i picked out from emails i’ve received recently, showing me how to get more leads…

Create a new optin offer! You’ve just created one, what good is another one?

Split test your optin offer. What good is this going to do when you’ve no website visitors?

Create a new landing page for your optin offer. So now you have 2 optin offers and 2 landing pages ready to split test, but no leads.

Create a content upgrade for your best article. Fuuuuuuuccckkkkk, you just want some leads.

Make a quiz. For nobody to answer??

Do a webinar. For who?

Make an infographic. Again, for who, all the people visiting your site?

A newsletter. You’ve nobody to read it.

A blog. Again, you’ve nobody to read it.

An ebook. And give it to who?

Develop an engaging video. Who’s it going to engage?

Everyone of those things will get you absolutely zero email subscribers!

My boy Paul Mort said in a podcast a while back…

if you’re not generating lead flow, stop doing everything else, get a lead capture page, get some paid ads and start driving traffic

And he’s right. Creating all the stuff above without traffic to your website, is a complete waste of time!

What these people never explain in their emails is how you get people to your site in the first place.

You know why? Because that’s the hard bit. That’s the bit 99% struggle to do. They’re scraping about with the chickens, trying to get a few leads posting motivational quotes on Facebook and Twitter.

Writing articles on Ezine and the like. But there’s no avalanche of traffic coming your way, is there?

We’re in the industry of sales & marketing, yet very few know how to market or make sales!

So what’s the answer?

Paid search. 

Microsoft Ads, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads!

So why isn’t everyone doing that then, Ewan?

Because they can’t! 

They don’t have the skills, and their shitty make money offer violates all the terms and conditions.

And even if they do get themselves onto one of the platforms and somehow don’t get kicked off, they blow their budget without making any sales.

I know 1 guy, spent around $50,000 without a penny in return!

Understand why 97% make less than $10/week?

You need to be serious, and you need to be hungry! Ready to generate some leads and make some sales?

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