That Killer Facebook Strategy for Free Leads…

Mar 20

Here's when you run for the hills!

When you hear building a home business and free leads from Facebook in the same sentence.

And if you're the one pedalling that nonsense? Be honest with yourself. How's it working out for you?

Yes, you're selling a lie! I know.

You're spouting to others about building a home business when you've not even done it yourself. Just hoping, praying you make a sale from it. 

And if you do make a few measly sales, that doesn't validate it either because the only reason anyone has bought into it is because they think you can teach them how to build it for free.

If only they knew!

Back in 2008, when i moved my home business online, it was easy. But it was new then. It's a different story now.

If you're clever in the way you go about things, and what you have to offer is actually decent, you probably will do ok on social media.

But for most, especially those new to home business with no marketing skills, you'll fuck it all up.

Here's an example...

I put a search into Facebook for Home Business and a few groups came up. One was about advertising your home business for free. 120,000 members.

You've hit the jackpot, right? They'll all see your post. Join. You get rich, yea?

Well there's also 3500 posts per day with folk pitching their shitty opportunity. From crypto to mlm to doubling your money every 2 and half minutes.

Not one like or comment on any of the posts.


Because all those 120,000 members are all trying to sell their thing!!! Nobody in there is looking for an opportunity.

I scrolled down a bit to see and finally found one with 4 comments. But it was the original poster trying to bump her post back to the top! 

If you're trying to build a home business, surely it's time to stop all that nonsense?

Here's a better way instead...

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