The C word, and why it’s crucial to your success

Apr 13

No no, it's not that C word!

This is one of 2 conversations i'm constantly having with everyone i speak to in home business.

Because this is where you need to be!

Back in 2008 or so, when i first took my home business online, the C word was a struggle. It was stop start.

I did £3k my first week, then would go a while with some piddly little numbers, then do £5k, then piddly little numbers again.

One of our mentors did a training webinar for us and asked us prior...

What is your biggest frustration?

Simple answer for most...


Consistency in lead flow & consistency in sales!

Seems simple, and it is, but until you get there, it's pretty difficult! There's a few working parts you have to get right.

Now, in that small sentence above, there's a massive lesson for home business owners which we'll cover in another post but we're all about consistency today.

I was selling a great product. I knew how to generate good lead flow, and i knew i was making sales.

But if the sales aren't consistent, lead flow stops and it can turn into a vicious cycle.

That plays a huge part in your mindset and if you're not in control emotionally, you can get high as a kite one day, then you're banging your head off the wall the next!

Spiralling up, or spiralling down.

And if you're one of those who quit your job to chase the dream, it's even worse.

You've bills to pay!

Horrible place to be if you've got family to provide for!

Advertise your business, or put food on the table?

But it doesn't need to be like that if you know what you're doing.

Consistency is much easier to get when you've a plan in place. A plan from someone who has done all the above and can help you learn faster.

You've still a lot to become good at, but you're not figuring it out all on your own.

Again, quite simply, the key to consistency is having someone ready to buy from you...


I've put together ‘7 Simple Steps to Home Business Profits’ – A ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Home Business Dads, Hungry for Success!!!

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Speak soon

ps, I'll discuss the second C word crucial to consistency, tomorrow.

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