Things aren’t always what they seem

Mar 01

Standing in the kitchen the other day. Drinking a piping hot black coffee while staring through filthy kitchen windows. Must get them washed.

There's a helicopter flying low over the cliffs not far from the house. 

How the fuck do those things stay in the air?

Anyway, it reminded me of walking across RAF Gatow when we stayed in Berlin. I was about 12. Can't remember where we were going, something to do with the youth club i think. A few of us but i was speaking to a girl called Vicki Parker. 

There was a small, noisy plane flying above. Then it went silent.

And started to drop.

It kept dropping. We were worried. We were about to see a small plane hit the deck and burst into flames. 

The pilot is about to hit eject, surely. 

The plane kept dropping. In silence. 

I just stood there watching. 

Fuck me, eject.

Why is he not ejecting?

Then, all of a sudden, i'm not sure the height, but it was pretty close to the ground, the engines started and the plane started to fly.

Everyone was nervously laughing. So relieved.

We'd just witnessed a miracle!

Or so we thought. 

On returning home, and telling my parents. Turns out the planes are meant to do that. The pilot was completely in control the whole time.

What seemed like a certain disaster, was actually something really cool.

I tell you this story because there's a very similar thing happens in home business, just the other way round, with dickhead gooroos. You've maybe seen it or experienced it for yourself...

You come across a guy online. He's making big bucks. Has a very successful thing going. Everything looks really cool.

This guy tells you all the right things. He's going to lead you to the promised land.

You sign up and send him your money. 

Then disaster.

You're on your own, trying to figure everything out. The course he sold you is a pig in a poke. 

These charlatans are specialists in making the sale. That's all they care about. Money in their pocket. Your money. Their pocket.

I'm not saying everyone. I know a lot of good people in the home business industry. But i've been in it 15 years. People new to the industry, haven't the experience, they haven't seen what i have. They don't know what's really going on.

If you're to make a lot of money with a home business, you have to get street smart. And quick.

That's why i put together a free pdf and called it ‘7 Simple Steps to Home Business Profits’ – A ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Home Business Dads, Hungry for Success!!!

Read it all and if you'll only put it into practice, and ignore all the shiny balls and promises of '3 click riches', you've got everything you need to put together a successful home business.

It's the same steps that took me to my first £30,000/month! ($50,000 if you're that way inclined)

Speak soon

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