What the hell is PPRA?

Apr 10

Planning, Performing, Relaxing, Analysing!

On Granny Robb's 88th birthday, she got punched on the nose, followed up with a bosie, then she got her face polished!

By Louis of course, not me!

I watched him as he polished her face. I could see the cogs turning as he was planning his next move.

He then picked up the duster and gave her face a good going over. That face got a right good polishing!

Once he'd finished, he sat back with his snacky and admired his work.

It got me thinking, everything we do is in one of these 4 categories. Think of everything you've done this week, it will go into one of the 4 categories.

But for most, it's subconscious and NOT on purpose. So each category isn't really used for maximum benefit!

Often people will spend too much time in certain categories.

Too much time planning - Procrastination.

Too much time performing - Busy idiot?

Too much time relaxing - Lazy bastard!

Too much time analysing - Analysis paralysis

The use of PPRA, correctly, ensures a happy, productive, well balanced life!

Everything planned out well, performed as per the plan, then analysed to see if it worked and what needs done to make it better for next time. And relaxation to ensure you're at the top of your game!

Happy planning and let us know how you get on.

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