Who all dat Content for?

Mar 20


Here's a tip for you which could blow apart how you've thought about your home business forever. And i'll start by asking you one simple question...

Who are you creating all your content for?

If your answer has anything to do with getting leads for your business, then read this very closely.

I know you're like a caged animal, desperate to be unleashed on the industry but if you understand the concept of what i'm about to tell you, you could change your home business forever.

More leads. More sales. More money.

You should only be creating content for your leads. An email a day for people who've put their hand up and said i'm interested in what you have to offer, by signing up to your website!

So switch your focus from creating content to get leads to getting leads to create content for.

See, i was just having a scroll through twitter for a certain search term. People sharing all sorts of content about their business and product.

Guess what?

No fucker sees it!

Complete waste of time!

Sure you might do some seo and get some leads from that but it's tough. You're not going to build a 6 figure business that way. Don't be fooled by anyone telling you otherwise.

Once you're a big name, sure. Your content becomes popular. But you're not a big name, are you?


So what's the answer?

Paid search!

Adwords or Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads. 

An old client of mine, Paul Mort said...

if you’re not generating lead flow, stop doing everything else, get a lead capture page, get some paid ads and start driving traffic

You could be producing the best content ever, but if nobody sees it, it won't make you a penny. But even 5 new leads per day gives you the chance to start building relationships and making sales.

Imagine 20, 50, 100 new leads per day!

Not at all out of your reach. But it's a minefield and there's a good chance you'll get blown to bits if you attempt it yourself. That's why the majority are scraping about with the chickens for 'free leads'.

Here's a better way instead...

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