10 bourbon biscuits

Mar 09

So a quick story to show you my point i was making yesterday...

You know the one about pretty much eating as much as you want! (within reason)

When i was the manager of a local football centre, there were any young girls worked on reception. Many overweight, as it is now. And the ones who weren't had shocking diets.

I would try to help them but they'd rather the McDonalds and other poison and then moan about feeling tired, being fat, etc.

I did triathlon at the time and biked 15 miles to work, and 15 miles back again, most days. Which to 'normal people' seemed like i was biking to and from a far off planet.

15 miles was a warm up, really.


I used to go across to Asda for my tea and always get a cooked chicken, a tub of cottage cheese with pineapple and a packet of Uncle Ben's lemon rice, and you know what?

I'd eat the fucking lot!

Or certainly most of it.

One girl came through and got all pissy because how is it possible i can eat all that and not be fat! 

Sit yourself down here a minute...

Say, 7 or 800 calories for the chicken, 200 for the cottage cheese & 150 for the rice.

That's not even 1200 calories for my MAIN MEAL of the day.

I asked her to go and look at the calories on the bourbon biscuits she'd be eating throughout the day, and back she came with a horrified look on her face.

70 per biscuit and i've just eaten at least 10 of them.

So 700 calories or so without giving it a thought. 700 calories of pure shit. Zero goodness.

For a snack!

And that my friend is how people get fat, feel like shit and wonder how it happened!

Got you thinking?


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