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Feb 15

Lessons from the Special One

You follow football? Proper football, not the American kind. Soccer you might call it If you do, you’ll know the ‘Special One’ – Not one from the bottle!If not, Google Jose Mourinho. Read his story about the time he got locked in the washing basket.Anyway, here’s one of the biggest things i’ve learned from him […]

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Jan 25

How to know what you’re committed to?

Here’s something I’ve learned over the years in business, coaching men, coaching footballers and life in general:Nearly everyone tells you they ‘want it’ until they realise what they have to do to ‘get it’.When you understand this, you won’t be so shocked when people don’t do what they said they would. As they say, talk […]

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Jan 12

How to do it better

We all do it, but some do it better than others. Some on purpose and some by mistake. Some don’t even know what they’re doing and for some, it’s ruining their life.I’m talking about reflection. Analysis.Being a coach, of men and within football, it’s a key skill.Looking back to better move forward. To improve.But for […]

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Jan 03

Ewan’s Big Thing 👀

2nd of January and i’ve been asked about my ‘big thing’ a few times already.Even my mam got involved!What ‘big thing’ are you doing this year? she asked (and you thought this was going to be all about my button mushroom) C’mon, i’m better that that!!!No, no. I usually have some big challenge in my […]

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas (but not for all)

I hope you had had a great time with your family.I’m not going to spend too long on it though, as i am well aware of it not being such a great time for us all.So, if you woke up yesterday and watched your kids open a bundle of Santa presents, then revel in gratitude, […]

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Dec 06

Worried about the cost?

Monday again, new week new goals, what are you getting after?You might be about to pull the trigger on joining us for the 90 Day Rebuild. Our 1-1 coaching program.It will be one of the best things you ever do. I promise.Today, let’s cover a few things about the cost.I’m an all in or all […]

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Nov 03

Swallowed up by a bad day.

Far too many men are living lives of quiet desperation, Ewan…And one of the biggest reasons is a lack of purpose.On our courses, we always work on your ‘meaningful mission’. It’s amazing how many men i’ve seen go from the depths of despair, being swallowed up by the smallest of things going wrong during their […]

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Nov 03

Depression, bad dad. That was perfect. Thank you.

One of our guys was having a rough day and offered up the following…Hey guys,Just a rough morning. I will start with i’m on medication for my depression and i do go to see a therapist. I feel like i’m only good at work. I feel like i’m a bad dad, bad husband, bad everything […]

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Aug 04

Cuban style panini & the devil

I had a client years back who wanted the world but not as much as he wanted a pumpkin spiced latte & a muffin from Starbucks.Would literally email one day telling me how he was ready to do whatever it takes to get in shape and earn some money because he was fat & skint.But […]

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Jul 11

Everybody can but not everybody will

I heard that around 2006, not long after being introduced to personal development as a concept, Jim Rohn I think it was.And from then on I became fascinated with people and the mind. Why do some, yet other others don’t? Why did personal development get such a hold of me yet even when in the […]

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