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Jan 05

The same answer as Iron Mike

I was listening to a clip of Mike Tyson the other day on a podcast. I think it was Logan Paul’s. Anyway, he was talking about going along to his AA meetings and how they always humbled him. He said there was always somebody in a much worse position than him. It really struck a chord with me […]

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Jan 05

I’m doing this all year, fancy it?

Quick one today.2022, i did a year with zero alcohol.I spent a bit of time towards the end of the year thinking what i could do in 2023.I like the long challenge. The discipline side to it. I did the Goggins challenge in 21. While it’s great, and testing. And you’ll find out a bit about yourself, […]

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Jan 03

Say what you mean, man!

The art of communication.I heard early on in my home biz career, specifically for daily emails…Write for an 8 year old!Can you explain what you’re trying to say so an 8 year old can understand?That’s what you’re aiming for.I’m very fussy with words. They have huge power. People have taken their own life because of […]

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Jan 02

Ready to make this the best year yet?

Happy new year, to you & yours.The past year was, on the whole, very very good, with some low points in between.One of my best mates got married, and one of my best mates died.Triple G landed in hospital, probably dehydration but got out before new year.My boy started school. Sarah got pregnant with our […]

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Dec 27

Apologies if you got no presents

I hope the big fella was good to you and the kids, i really do.But i’m a bit concerned for him and if he didn’t show for your family then apologies. Let me explain…He was here, dropping off all the stuff for Louis and he popped his head in, asked me if i had a minute.I […]

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Dec 23

Cool story, bro!

In the steam room earlier and there’s an overweight couple, not sure if they were an actual couple but they’re speaking away.‘I’d really like to lose this weight but I don’t have the time’Do you actually believe that?It’s the perfect example of the bullshit story we tell ourselves as to why we we’re not doing […]

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Dec 21

Kicked out at christmas?

I LOVE a board game!Problem is, nobody likes playing because i’m so competitive.It’s nearly christmas and it’s tradition, when the kids are all in bed and the alcohol’s flowing, out come the board games.Or it used to be!My sister was the culprit. One year she was so drunk, she got the game started and went […]

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Dec 20

Good habits need discipline

Good habits need disciplineBoth those are normally viewed as negative, as boring. Living a good life, fit, healthy, full of energy, feeling fuckin amazing is far from boring.If you do it right!And we have some great ways to do it right. The bad habits are easy, because they typically have an instant reward but over time […]

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Dec 19

Fighting the existing reality

A lot of our work here is on replacing old/bad habits and one of our guys Grant, sent me over this quote he found.’You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete’Buckminster Fuller there, on creating change.When you try to create change, […]

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Dec 15

The world has lost a king

Yesterday was a tough day!I’ve not cried like that since my son was born and i saw a picture of my Granda. And i lost it. Yesterday’s email was going to be about who’s got your back but i found out early in the morning, one of my best friends had died after a long battle […]

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