Merry Christmas (but not for all)

Dec 25

I hope you had had a great time with your family.

I'm not going to spend too long on it though, as i am well aware of it not being such a great time for us all.

So, if you woke up yesterday and watched your kids open a bundle of Santa presents, then revel in gratitude, as i did. It was Odin's 1st christmas.

But for some of our guys, it was tough. Some spent it alone for various reasons.

Some are going through divorce. Some spent it in hospital as their little one battles for survival. Some of them have lost kids and will never enjoy a christmas again.

Whatever your situation, i hope it was as good as it could've been.

Now it's over, it's time to focus forward.

I was quite amazed at the number of guys who've joined the 90 Day Rebuild over the past 3 days.

What a start to the year it's going to be for them.

Time to change.

Like John, who spoke to his wife over 2 months ago about what we do here and she bought him our course for christmas.

What a wife!

Anyway, if transformation is on your mind. If you're sick of your situation. If you've had it with _____ (fill in the blank)

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Love ya, bye

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