Monthly Archives: March 2021

Mar 31

The Dads on Fire Podcast Ep 1 – Ex Marine Grant Thomson

What better way to kick off the Dads on Fire Podcast than with my mate of 16 years, ex marine Grant Thomson.We could’ve went on for hours but with lots of laughs, we discuss the Marines, Goggins 4x4x48 & what do you do when you get the call to say your wife is ill, not […]

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Mar 04

Remember who’s watching

It’s our tagline here at Dads on fire!Because they ARE watching. And whether good or bad, you ARE setting an example!So Lynn over at Stoneyview Embroidery finished up our t-shirts and they arrived yesterday. I wanted them here for starting the Goggings 4x4x48 on Saturday am. 4am!I tried it on for size and strolled into […]

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