Lessons from the Special One

Feb 15

You follow football? Proper football, not the American kind. Soccer you might call it πŸ˜‚

If you do, you'll know the 'Special One' - Not one from the bottle!

If not, Google Jose Mourinho. Read his story about the time he got locked in the washing basket.

Anyway, here's one of the biggest things i've learned from him and how you can implement it for success in your life. It's very simple, but i'll explain how powerful it is...

'Start fast'

Easy right?

Now he's talking football. Start the season well. Get points on the board early. He said start the game well also. 

My local SPL team, Aberdeen played last night. They didn't start well, 3-0 down after 26 minutes. They then have the pressure of HAVING to play well just to rescue the game.

Let's translate this to everyday life. I know many of our guys struggle with consistency, routine, motivation etc.

I'm doing my 10k steps plus 100 press ups a day for 2024, not really anything mind blowing, but it's the discipline to show up everyday.

Usually i get up, do 50 press ups and take Louis to school which pretty much gets me half through my steps.

Motivation is high because i'm half way done by 9:10am. ie, easier to stay on track.

He's been on holiday for mid term the last week and we've had some honking weather days. Monday, i got to putting them to bed and i was only on about 4000 steps.

Motivation isn't so high knowing i've to get them done somehow. It becomes a chore.

But i've been at this for so long now, the voice in my head doesn't let me fail. Discipline gets it done.

I've also been nearly asleep in bed and realised i've still 50 press ups to do. It would be easy to not do them but then my year is fucked. I'd have to tell Louis i didn't do what i said i would.

Now, you could also put this to food, and getting in shape.

Starting the day well and you tend to continue. Fuck it up and it's easy to say you'll start tomorrow, you'll start next week etc.

You won't!

Start the day well, start the week well, start the month well...

It all affects it all. Psychology and all that.

And just in case we haven't went on about it enough over the years...

It's not one big home run that's gonna fix everything for you, it's not a magic pill, or a bag of unicorn dust...

It's all the little things done on a daily basis, over and over again.

So let’s build a consistent, disciplined monster!

Let's go πŸ‘Š

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