Monthly Archives: April 2020

Apr 22

The 2nd all important C word

Here’s something i hear in home business ALL.The.Time.I want to quit my job!Nothing wrong with that. That’s why most people start a home business. They want to live on their own terms. Great goal to have.But…The problem lies in doing it too soon.You make a few sales, think you’re a genius and your boss gets […]

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Apr 13

The C word, and why it’s crucial to your success

No no, it’s not that C word!This is one of 2 conversations i’m constantly having with everyone i speak to in home business.Because this is where you need to be!Back in 2008 or so, when i first took my home business online, the C word was a struggle. It was stop start.I did £3k my […]

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Apr 10

What the hell is PPRA?

Planning, Performing, Relaxing, Analysing!On Granny Robb’s 88th birthday, she got punched on the nose, followed up with a bosie, then she got her face polished!By Louis of course, not me!I watched him as he polished her face. I could see the cogs turning as he was planning his next move.He then picked up the duster […]

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