Monthly Archives: January 2021

Jan 29

The Marketing Deplorables

Some do this on purpose but some really are just dumb af!Every now and again, i happen upon somebody’s ad leading to the ‘best way to get leads for your business’. Sometimes, it’s the best ‘new’ way. And i love calling them out. For fun.Now, before we go any further, i’ll give you what i believe, […]

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Jan 27

How to sell when you can’t sell

EVERYONE is involved in sales. Whether you have a sales job or not. You’re selling your time. Selling your skills to an employer for a set amount per hour.You’re selling to your kids everyday. You sold yourself to a partner. But mostly, you’re selling yourself short!A personal trainer approached me the other day asking about making some […]

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Jan 26

The Rule of Mum!

Thinking about starting a home business?15 years in and there’s one question i’ve always used when it comes to selling a product, both my own, and from someone else.But first, let me tell you a wee story. Back in the day. Before any home business involvement. I had a car. A yellow one. It was […]

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