How to sell when you can’t sell

Jan 27

EVERYONE is involved in sales. 

Whether you have a sales job or not. You're selling your time. Selling your skills to an employer for a set amount per hour.

You're selling to your kids everyday. You sold yourself to a partner. 

But mostly, you're selling yourself short!

A personal trainer approached me the other day asking about making some extra money with us. After a few back and forths, she said she said she can't sell.

So all your personal training is done for free?

I hear it all the time when speaking to people about home business...

'But i can't sell'

It's not that you can't sell, it's that don't want to sell because of what you think selling is. Rejection etc.

And i get it. It comes from a perception of the sleezy car salesmen. From door to door salesmen trying to get you to buy something you don't want or need. Visions of people sitting on the phone, cold calling all day, trying to sell over the phone.


That's not for me either. I couldn't think of anything worse.

My entire home business career, i've put hoops in my sales process for people to jump through so when i have to speak to them, i know they're, at the very least, interested!

And i'll speak all day to anyone who wants to know more but i have zero interest convincing anyone about anything.

So how do you sell, if you can't sell?

Well, there's a few things here. Like the story yesterday, i was buying that car regardless of what the salesman said to me. He could've said it was the worst car he'd ever seen, and i'd have still bought it.

Because i wanted it.

So there's your first tip. Offer good products to people who want them.

Most people in home business start as a user of the product, getting such a good result they end up having people asking about them and wondering how they can get them for themselves.

You simply supply them and make some money for it.

If it's a product you love and get a great result from, you'll naturally talk about it with passion, and want to share your results.

Say for example, you start on some nutrition products and lose a few stone, energy goes through the roof so you start sharing your before and after pics on social media. People will ask what you're doing.

You're not selling to those asking, you're answering questions. You're providing information.

And the cool thing with the internet is, you don't have to speak to anyone who hasn't put their hand up to say they're interested.

The last point i want to make is about your company/upline.

I heard someone say years ago, it's not your job to sell. It's your job to invite people to take a look and it's their job to say yes or no.

So whatever business you're in, they will have presentations. Recorded & live for people to attend. These do the selling for you while all you have to do is plug into them.

And there you have it, not a sleezy sales pitch in sight!

Sales is quite simply providing solutions to people's problems.

And your home business should be fun. Working together with a few of your close mates to build a solid business and reach some goals.. 

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