The Rule of Mum!

Jan 26

Thinking about starting a home business?

15 years in and there's one question i've always used when it comes to selling a product, both my own, and from someone else.

But first, let me tell you a wee story. Back in the day. Before any home business involvement. I had a car. A yellow one. It was fucked! £2000 to put it through it's mot.

That wasn't happening!

So driving back home, i spy a beautiful blue car all shiny & sporty looking. I pull into the garage, frothing at the mouth. Only 134 miles on the clock, ex demo & 12k off the retail price.

I was having that car!

Obviously i played it cool to the salesman who was all over me telling me it was the best car ever & giving it all the big talk. So i asked him what kind of car he drove and watched him squirm as he told me not only a different model of car, but a completely different make, of which his employers didn't sell.

I acted like the deal wasn't going to happen as he dropped the price, offered me more for my car & a couple of extras. Just playing the game.

I also did some quick sums in my head and quickly realised i probably couldn't afford it, but fuck it, i wanted it, we'll worry about that later. And i bought it anyway.

I use this guy as an example as it's the reason car salesmen get bad rap. But it's not just car sales, is it? Anyone in a sales job can fall into this trap. They'll tell you anything they think you need to hear to make the sale.

They're selling because they have to. Not because they choose to. It's purely a job to most of them.

And the fact the salesman hardly gave me the time of day when i phoned him about a few things AFTER the car was sold, tells you all you need to know. He didn't care 1 jot about me, he wanted a car sale. Because targets & pay.

But that attitude in a home business, will see you fail. Fast. Especially as most people in the direct selling industry start with no sales experience.

So that's why i always use this question when looking at any product to sell.

Would you sell it to your mum?

Would you take her hard earned cash in return for the product/service, and sleep easy at night?

Now i've gone ahead here and assumed you've got a conscience, and you actually care about your mum. But if she's a bit of a twat, and you don't really like her, then choose someone you do. Your kids maybe.

See, i get pitched on stuff daily. You can usually tell by the start of the message the offer is going to be terrible but every now and again, something catches your eye.

If you apply the above question, you usually have an answer straight away. In 15 years i've only seen 3 companies who passed the 'rule of mum' test and 2 of them are gone. So before you get yourself balls deep with any direct selling company, vet it and make sure it passes.

It's just a better way to do business!

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Speak soon


ps, another important lesson about this story for you tomorrow!

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