The Marketing Deplorables

Jan 29

Some do this on purpose but some really are just dumb af!

Every now and again, i happen upon somebody's ad leading to the 'best way to get leads for your business'. Sometimes, it's the best 'new' way. 

And i love calling them out. For fun.

Now, before we go any further, i'll give you what i believe, in my 'humble but usually right' opinion is the best way to get new leads for your business...

1) Referrals. They're pretty much ready to buy.

2) Paid ads. You can target people most likely to want what you offer. You can get as much or as little as you need/want depending on your budget.

So, back to the story.

Facebook ad pops up yesterday. Decent ad, i liked it. Video ad, with the girl selling a course on Facebook Lives.

Now, no issue with that until she claims in the video Lives are the best way to get new clients for your business. I have a quick look through the comments and folk saying lives are great fun but they don't get much new clients. I commented on one guys thread saying, look how she advertising the post and there's your answer...

If she believes Facebook Lives are the best way to get clients for your business, why is she running paid Facebook ads to sell her course?

Another one you often see, is paid ads for SEO courses. Search engine optimisation, if you don't know, is ranking on Google etc organically. 

Again, if SEO is the best way to get leads, why you promoting the course with paid ads?

And this one. PPC (pay per click or paid ads) marketing is over, here is the new shiny gimmock on how to get leads. Advertised with PPC.

One of the best ones i ever did saw. A gooroo came to us when we did traffic campaigns for clients. He had this awesome paid traffic course where he pitched himself as some god with special lead generating powers...

And asked us to do the lead generation for it!

You see how dumb all this is?

And it's not just with paid ads.

I sometimes get emails from marketers with things like 'email marketing is dead' here's what all the leaders are doing now.

Using email marketing to sell me on email marketing being dead!

*shakes head*

Look, if you're hungry to make a full time income in the home business industry, it's important you don't get sucked into that buying cycle!

It will keep you broke & frustrated!

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Speak soon


ps, tomorrow i'll tell you why they do it.

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