Ewan’s Big Thing 👀

Jan 03

2nd of January and i've been asked about my 'big thing' a few times already.

Even my mam got involved!

What 'big thing' are you doing this year? she asked (and you thought this was going to be all about my button mushroom) C'mon, i'm better that that!!!

No, no. I usually have some big challenge in my sights.

Like the 365 without a drop of alcohol, which i'm doing this year again actually.

Or the Goggins challenge amongst other things.

But nothing's made my bollicks tingle yet.

While the big, 'one off' challenges if you like, are great, the real magic is in the small daily disciplines.

Those change the course of a man's journey.

And much harder to tick off come the end of the year.

I remember Triple GGG saying to me when i was young, 'look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves'

Great advice, and probably fell on deaf ears when i was younger. I wanted the pounds.

But there's no pounds without the pennies, no dollars without the cents. (insert your currency here)

And it's the same with daily habits...

Another i do is 100 press ups a day. 36500 a year. It would be easy to get yourself wound up to do 1000 over a weekend say, and it would be a good test,


Showing up consistently over 365 days without fail, is much harder even though you're only doing a tenth of the work.

And in my experience, success, reaching goals, lasting transformation, is all about the small daily decisions. The habits you form from doing the work over and over and over!

Let's go!

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