Monthly Archives: February 2021

Feb 27

Nutritional advice from a fat wee butter ba

Everyone loves giving you a bit of unsolicited advice, don’t they?My first real memory of people throwing all kinds of advice at me was when at about age 18 or so, when i was working on the farm, i let slip i was going to buy a tractor and start my own agricultural contracting business.It […]

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Feb 22

My favourite time of the day

Rituals are brilliant.If that’s maybe a little ‘woo woo’ sounding for you, call them routines. Either way, you know what’s going on, and when! Then they become habits, and habits rule your life and your results.I’ve always been big on the rituals. Especially the morning ritual. Someone said to me 16 years ago…Win the morning […]

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Feb 13

International Condom Day

Apparently a small percentage of people re-use them.Who knew!But i think the second best use for them has to be what my mate used to do on the school bus. Most days!He’d manage to get it over his head and down over his nose, which was a feat in itself as that thing could split […]

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Feb 05

Begging for the Sugary Tasting Lies

Like i said the other day…Some do it on purpose but some really are just dumb af!I’m talking bullshit marketing. The 3 click riches crowd. First, those who don’t know any better because these folks are the reason for those who do it on purpose.As i’ve said many times before, most people starting online home businesses […]

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