Nutritional advice from a fat wee butter ba

Feb 27

Everyone loves giving you a bit of unsolicited advice, don't they?

My first real memory of people throwing all kinds of advice at me was when at about age 18 or so, when i was working on the farm, i let slip i was going to buy a tractor and start my own agricultural contracting business.

It was around 1998, farming was taking a hit if i remember rightly.

Don't be stupid! Why would you want to assume all that risk? It won't work. Get a full time job quick, because this will be the last year you'll ever be able to get a job on a farm! (what tf was that guy smoking) What if you don't get any work. 

I remember one guy actually getting angry at me.

See, all they were doing was projecting their own fears & worry on to me. The guy who got angry at me, i later found out had tried to do it and failed. Hence the anger towards me.

But by chance, which i later came to learn, was good practice, i spoke to 2 guys who were doing what i wanted to do and they both said there's plenty work out there if you're willing to work.

And much to my surprise, my dad agreed to guarantor finance of a tractor and his advice was, you better have work lined up for every day.

Which, let's be honest, was decent advice!

I ended up not buying one and hiring when i needed instead, but it turned out i was probably a little bit too young to start such a business and got shafted by one farmer i did a shit load of work for, and he didn't pay me a penny.

Nothing i could do really, other than burn his fucking farm to the ground but i'm glad i decided against that idea 🙂

I didn't have anything behind me to help take the hit and move on, so i got a job on a farm for an agricultural contractor working for some great people, who i still help out to this day.

Truth is, doesn't really matter what you do, somebody will have advice for you.

But here's 3 quick questions to evaluate the advice you get...

What are you trying to achieve?

Who's giving you the advice and why?

What are their results in that area?

As i said above, turns out it's best practice, but i've found many don't use something so simple. I had it drilled into me from various mentors over the years.

Seek out someone who's done what you want to do, and get their advice!

But for a lot of people, they take advice from people they trust. Often their parents. While, well meaning, it's often not the best advice, is it?

And i was reminded of that the other day on the phone to a client when he was talking about getting...

'nutritional advice from a fat wee butter ba'

Nearly wet myself!

Nutrition is something everyone has an opinion on. 99% of it is utter nonsense.

Especially when the fatties start dishing it out. In between dishing it up!

At the start of 2020, i started to search for a quality nutrition product to offer my guys here. I went through so many companies with a fine tooth comb. There's only 2 i liked which met all the criteria i was looking for and 1 went out of business.

I then got started on said products to get into the best shape i can by the time i'm 40. And we wouldn't offer anything we're not using ourselves, that's not how we work here.

We lead by example. That's what Dads do. Good or bad!

So if you're looking to get in shape. Looking to sort your energy out, then this is where to start.

See what i did & follow the steps here, i'll be with you every step of the way.

Speak soon.

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