Begging for the Sugary Tasting Lies

Feb 05

Like i said the other day...

Some do it on purpose but some really are just dumb af!

I'm talking bullshit marketing. The 3 click riches crowd. 

First, those who don't know any better because these folks are the reason for those who do it on purpose.

As i've said many times before, most people starting online home businesses don't have a clue about sales & marketing. They buy into a 'money making system' and start to shout about it. They use company replicated websites to sell others on the same system.

So really, the only time they make any money is by getting somebody else to buy into the same 'system'.

Now here's the problem...

When they don't make a fortune, fast. They go looking for another 'system'. Because these people think it's the 'system' which will make them all the money. They don't realise it's their skills & ability to use the 'system'.

Fun facts you probably don't know about me. I won 3 trophies back in my younger day for ploughing. Yes i said ploughing. I'm off the farm. Some of my best lessons have been learnt there but one of the biggest about what i just described above came from Triple G. Granny Robb. (Louis' Great Granny Gracie) 

I was polishing up my trophies. Lashing on the polish. She stopped me and said...

it's not the amount of polish you use, it's how hard you rub. So roll up your sleeves and rub harder.

I wasn't really polishing to start with, i was moving polish about. And that's exactly what most people in the 'make money' niche are doing.

So let's move on to those who do it on purpose. They've figured out how to use the 'system' to their advantage. But it's a circus. 

And it attracts clowns. But it's profitable.

They're effectively selling hopes & dreams. To hopers & dreamers.

Those buying into the 'get rich quick' without any work. Just buy this one last program and all your dreams will come true they say and the dreamers lap it up. Time and time again.

It's almost like these types demand to be lied to. Demand to be sold hype filled buckets of shit. Then they can piss and moan, complain it didn't work and then refund, and start the process all over again.

They might as well buy lottery tickets!

Because they don't want the truth. They don't want to hear how to build a real, legitimate business. They'd have to learn skills and do some work.

They'd rather chase the 'laptop lifestyle' and 'internet riches'. It's like a drug to them. And they're addicted.

Listen, i know people who've spent $70k without as much as a penny in return because of this.

I had a guy in the military sign up with me a few years back. Seemed like he had the mindset to really do something. He wanted to earn $10k/month to get out of the military and be with his family. Had young kids. Some real big goals and powerful reasons.

Then he came out with the statement...

I'll give it 6 months and if it doesn't work, i'm out.

I saved him the hassle and cancelled his order there and then. I've no interest in working with people in that mindset

People study to become a nurse and other things for years to earn £20k/year or so at the end of it. Sometimes less.

Yet think they can learn all the skills they need to be an entrepreneur and earn £10k/month in a couple months.

Of course, some people get to work and earn money straight out the gate. In WMI, i made thousands in my first few months. But i was hungry to learn, and worked hard. For others it will take a bit longer but what i promise you is, if you take the time to learn, and work hard...

You will earn!

How much? That is up to you!

Tomorrow, i will lay out exactly what you need to get started and make money your first month if you have zero business, selling or marketing skills whatsoever!

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Speak soon


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