How to do it better

Jan 12

We all do it, but some do it better than others. Some on purpose and some by mistake. Some don't even know what they're doing and for some, it's ruining their life.

I'm talking about reflection. Analysis.

Being a coach, of men and within football, it's a key skill.

Looking back to better move forward. To improve.

But for many men, too many, they're stuck looking back. To the point, it consumes their entire focus.

Paralyzes them!

And they beat themselves up over something bad they've done, or an accumulation of 'failures'.

They may have had some amazing successes but they can only see the bad.

Making it extremely difficult to move forward.

Imagine driving a car looking in the rear view mirror. Wouldn't be long before you crash.

And life isn't much different.

So when you look back, make sure we remove the emotion. Note down what went well, what didn't go so well, why? what would you do different?

And remember, reflection is a rear view mirror!

We can't spend too long looking back, because we're always moving forward!

One of the things we do here is 'train' ourselves where to look. Where to direct our focus. And how to plot moving forward for the best results.

And not get stuck in the downward spiral of your past results.

You'll be amazed how much things will change for you when you do it better.

And you do it all on purpose!

Let's go 👊

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