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Mar 09

Booba & his Board

Sitting watching a bit of Booba with Louis the other day. He’s good. not my favourite, but up there.In this episode, he drew on his blackboard and it instantly came to life.Like the Law of Attraction on steroids!Lot of people bad mouth the LoA but i say they don’t really understand it.If you’ve never heard […]

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Feb 27

Do you! They’ll hate anyway

You’ve got to have the balls to do what’s right for you. I’ve no idea how many times i’ve seen someone hyper with a new idea only to share it with someone who pisses all over it.The excitement is gone and the idea is quickly forgotten about.Who knows where it may have taken you if […]

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Feb 07

A Better Way to Read

You’re into personal development, right?Power Hour.Golden Hour.60 minute Mastery.60 Minute Student.Call it whatever you want, but you’re probably not getting the full benefits of it.Hold on, before you start throwing Jim Rohn quotes at me, let me explain what i mean, because i used to do the same.I’d be up at the crack of dawn, […]

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