A Better Way to Read

Feb 07

You're into personal development, right?

Power Hour.
Golden Hour.
60 minute Mastery.
60 Minute Student.

Call it whatever you want, but you're probably not getting the full benefits of it.

Hold on, before you start throwing Jim Rohn quotes at me, let me explain what i mean, because i used to do the same.

I'd be up at the crack of dawn, iPhone timer set for 60 minutes and i'd be reading for the whole time. I'd then go for 90 minutes or so of exercise. 45 minutes of running and 45 minutes of body weight training in the woods. (People changing course as they saw me lurking about the bottom of a tree with a rope hanging from a branch, but that's a story for another day)

If i was out on my bike, that would be anything from 1 to 5hrs of the good stuff playing on my iPod. Same in the car, there was always a CD of some speaker playing.

And here's the problem with all that...

95% of it, i'd fucking forget!

Now i'm not saying it was all a waste of time. It wasn't. Listening to that amount of personal development stuff, changes you, no doubt. And while a lot of it is to alter the subconscious mind and change beliefs, acting on it is where you'll really see big changes and maximise the benefits.

Think about it, are you better to read/watch/listen for 60 minutes every day and forget most of it, or read/watch/listen every day until you have a wee light bulb moment and act on it?

That's, giving you a few days off, 350 or so good ideas implemented every year!

It might be to set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account straight after you've been paid, into a savings account.

It might be to make a small tweak to your fitness regime.

It might be an idea for an email to your list.

Whatever it is, it's 350 of them!

But i'll just read for an hour and note the ideas down...

Nah, i did that, too! And i'd go back a few days later and think, fuck, what was that about again.

Strike while the iron's hot!

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Love ya, bye

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