The Year of the Zozo

Feb 07

My man!

You were thinking the Zozo is some magical formula for success, weren't you? Some mystical hack to help you reach your goals without actually having to do anything.

Remember those ones you 'loosely' made between christmas and new year?

Well, just as my brother was in mid December, you're going to be disappointed too. As he ripped open a christmas card, showering him in all the christmas greetings one could ask for, it also wished him the very best for ZoZo.

But confusion soon turned to hilarity as our mother grabbed it off him, and quickly realised it was wishing him a great 2020!

Easy mistake to make, i'm sure you'll agree.

On a side note here, looking for an image to use in this post, i smashed Zozo into a Google search and apparently, Zozo means 'penis' in Haitian Creole. It's also the name of a very violent and demonic entity.

I can see how you'd get the 2 easily confused!

Anyway, let's get back to the point here...

It's February the 13th already and i'm pretty sure you've fucked up whatever new year's resolution you set for yourself. And that's simply because it's some half arsed idea you've probably adopted for yourself because somebody else said it while pished and you hopped on the bandwagon.

And the top 3 new year's resolutions set by Brits are losing weight, improving diet and getting more exercise.

But we wont take action on something until the pain of staying the same, becomes bigger than the pain of change. Because change is tough. But to get results, you MUST be ready to change... 

And that's who we can help!

So if you're (seriously) ready to drop a bit of weight, build a bit of muscle or improve your diet, we've designed a short quiz for you.

It only takes a couple of minutes and you'll get a reply pretty soon

Happy quizzing!

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