Booba & his Board

Mar 09

Sitting watching a bit of Booba with Louis the other day. He's good. not my favourite, but up there.

In this episode, he drew on his blackboard and it instantly came to life.

Like the Law of Attraction on steroids!

Lot of people bad mouth the LoA but i say they don't really understand it.

If you've never heard of it, basically what you think about, you bring about.

I've seen it in action too many times to not believe it.

My first taste of it, before i'd even heard of it was hearing things on the tele when i was a kid, then all of a sudden i'd see and hear those things everywhere. I'd see new car i'd like, then all of a sudden i'd see them on the road constantly.

Just the other day, out driving, i thought of a guy i knew who i'd not seen or heard from in about 2 years, i opened up the Facebook app on my phone to see a friend request...

From the guy!


Listen, i'm not here to say if you think about a million quid, it will suddenly fall into your lap. That's not the way it works.

But if you start to think about things you want, opportunities will start to arise, people will appear in your life, and things will sneakily start to transpire.

So try it, start small, because the one thing i've found to quickly stop it all happening is doubt.

Get clear on what you want!

A few times i've seen it work for me, are moving house, new car, first 10k month, 50k month and some other things.

I'll tell you a quick story about my first 10k month. An investment opportunity had arisen. I was excited about it to the point i was hyper. I was desperate to find 10k to put into it.

I marched about my house the entire day speaking to a few close friends about it with enough energy to power a small country.

Where the fuck was this 10k going to come from?

Around 11pm or so, it was late, i remember that because i was about to go to bed. Thought i'd turn on my laptop and quickly check on things.

A skype message pops up from a guy in the states i'd spoken to a few months prior about starting a home business.

I thought he'd gone.

Ewan, i'm ready to get going. I'm starting at M3, i'll transfer it now.

$20,000 transferred to my account there and then with a 10k commissions for me.


Make of that what you will.

Anyway, if you're not getting what you want from your home business, i've put together a short PDF to guide you and get your business set up properly, ready for leads & sales.

‘7 Simple Steps to Home Business Profits’ – A ‘Cheat Sheet’ for Home Business Dads, Hungry for Success!!!

Speak soon

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