Do you! They’ll hate anyway

Feb 27

You've got to have the balls to do what's right for you. I've no idea how many times i've seen someone hyper with a new idea only to share it with someone who pisses all over it.

The excitement is gone and the idea is quickly forgotten about.

Who knows where it may have taken you if you were mentally strong enough to see past a few people poking holes in your new baby because they don't understand it.

I remember a few years back, someone had posted a picture of a protein smoothie and it sparked a debate. Pretty sure it was targeted towards Herbalife and weightloss.

Someone i know, with a decent size name in the fitness industry, started an attack.

'It's not sustainable' was the comment.

Bollicks, i can count on 1 hand how many days i've not had a protein shake of some form for my breakfast, since 2005. I'll often have 2 per day. Changed my life.

So i waded in with what i just told you above, and said i usually throw in some walnuts, a scoop of oats, a banana and some peanut butter is my usual.

Not once have i said i'm fed up of it either.

So back they came with 'oh but you put extra stuff in it'

So that makes all the difference, does it?


Now here's the important bit for your state of mind and belief...

The said fitness person hammering my friend (who'd lost about 3 stone by the way and now earns a pretty penny) and meal replacement shakes...

Ready for this?

...was selling meal replacement shakes within the year!!!

And that my friend, is why you need to be very careful who you take advice from. 

Hint: usually those people who have what you want to have.

Not Billy next door who can't even spell buisness (calm down, it was on purpose) let alone advise you on building one.

Do the best you can with what you've got. If you feel it's for you, do it. Put you're all into it and see where it takes you!

In October 2005, i saw something special at a Herbalife meeting. When i got home and told everyone, i couldn't understand why nobody was excited. Some even joked.

Now, i never got past £1k/month with Herbalife but it's a good way to cut your teeth and learn some skills too, if you're around the right people.

And it led me to WMI and £30k/month.

Imagine i'd let those people put me off!

So if you have a home business, or want to start...

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