It’s easy when it’s easy

Mar 24

On a coaching call the other day. Our guy was facing a few battles and had reverted to old habits.

That’s what we do when things get tough, we react how we’ve always done.

And if you’ve not created new habits by the time a challenge comes, and you don’t apply the discipline, it’s easy to slip back.

It takes time to build a monster. To leave the old destructive habits and patterns behind.

Time, patience & work. 👊🏽

See, when things are going to plan, it’s easy to get up early, to journal, to do your breath work, to focus on how you want to feel, how you want your day to look, to stick to you plan, to hit the gym, to eat well and to make the right decisions.

But when a massive curveball comes your way, it’s easy to put all your energy into it, to worry, to hit the drink, to go and get a Chinese for tea, to revisit all the bad habits you’re trying to leave in the past.

But when that curveball comes, that IS THE time you need to double down and focus on all the good habits.

It’s in those moments you build the monster who no longer slips back into the old, weak, frustrated man you once were.

Exactly like my 10k steps, 100 press ups & abs every day. When I’ve done them all by 3pm it’s easy. When it gets to 9pm and I’m thinking about bed then realise I’ve still got 2k steps and 100 press ups to do… 🤦🏽‍♂️

It would be easy to fold. Especially with the tiredness of keeping a 10 week old human alive.

I’ve even had people say ‘you’re not gonna do that today are you?’ & ‘have a day off’ 🤣

But just as your trying to build new habits through repetition…

Quitting becomes habit. It comes easier too.

(As of 24th March I’ve done my steps, press ups and abs every day. Even the day Odin was born)

It’s a journey you probably help with. 🫡

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