I’m doing this all year, fancy it?

Jan 05

Quick one today.

2022, i did a year with zero alcohol.

I spent a bit of time towards the end of the year thinking what i could do in 2023.

I like the long challenge. The discipline side to it. 

I did the Goggins challenge in 21. 

While it's great, and testing. And you'll find out a bit about yourself, it's over in 48 hours.

That was the start of me tweaking things like that to suit. Using challenges to benefit your daily life, not just a one off. 

I'll tell you about my 5@6for7 soon and you can try it out.

So the year long for 2023...

It's kinda what i do already but i'm putting a focus on it to get it done every single day of 2023.

10k steps a day.

100 press ups a day but the 20th of the month will be 500

100 sit ups a day of some variation with the 20th of the month as a 500.

1 daily email.

So yea, all things i pretty much do anyway, but with more focus to do EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Because if i do all those 4 things, it's moving me closer to my goals.

And that's why i set these challenges.

Fancy it?

There's a few small things you could try for 30 days inside Ignite 🔥

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The conversation is different...

Love ya, bye

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