Stop arguing with strangers on the internet!

Apr 18

I'm sure you're way more emotionally mature than Wayne but imagine going through life…

1) thinking everyone is out to get you,


2) getting so angry about an ad on Facebook you’re speaking to your mates about it.

Scroll past. Focus on what you can control.

I run a lot of paid ads. As do most of my mates in business. We see guys like Wayne all the time.

Comments like these say MUCH more about Wayne, than my business.

Unfortunate thing here is, and it’s like this for many, arguing with strangers on the internet maybe gives Wayne a bit of purpose and meaning to his life.

Don’t be like Wayne!

What a waste of your energy!

I like to think my business is as transparent as it possibly can be.

I've got nothing to hide.

I give away lots of free stuff and some of our courses are paid. That's typically how most businesses make money.

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Love ya, bye

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