The same answer as Iron Mike

Jan 05

I was listening to a clip of Mike Tyson the other day on a podcast. I think it was Logan Paul's.

Anyway, he was talking about going along to his AA meetings and how they always humbled him.

He said there was always somebody in a much worse position than him.

It really struck a chord with me because i'm often asked how and why i'm always in a great mood.

There's a few reasons, such as the personal development i've done over the years, i'm big on gratitude. All the little things too.

But i've always answered in the past with the same as Iron Mike...

Because i know there is always someone who has it worse.

And it came from a guy i knew who died. I wasn't particularly close, but i'd call him a mate.

I'd hear people whining about having to get up on a Monday and go to work and think, my guy would love to be getting up and going to work but he can't, so be grateful.

I guess it's an attitude.

I didn't have £100 nike trainers but that guy has no feet, or i didn't have central heating, just a coal fire but that guy doesn't have a house.

Yes, definitely an attitude. A way of thinking.

Now, i'm NOT for one second trying to piss all over your problems, your problems are real...


For me at least, it puts them into perspective. And makes them easier to deal with.

Les Brown said i'f you've got a problem money or man can solve, then you don't really have a problem at all.

And as i've said manys a time before, i know most of the problems dads face, and i can fix them, or should i say show YOU how to fix them and get back on track...

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The conversation is different...

Love ya, bye

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