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Feb 05

Begging for the Sugary Tasting Lies

Like i said the other day…Some do it on purpose but some really are just dumb af!I’m talking bullshit marketing. The 3 click riches crowd. First, those who don’t know any better because these folks are the reason for those who do it on purpose.As i’ve said many times before, most people starting online home businesses […]

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Jan 29

The Marketing Deplorables

Some do this on purpose but some really are just dumb af!Every now and again, i happen upon somebody’s ad leading to the ‘best way to get leads for your business’. Sometimes, it’s the best ‘new’ way. And i love calling them out. For fun.Now, before we go any further, i’ll give you what i believe, […]

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Jan 27

How to sell when you can’t sell

EVERYONE is involved in sales. Whether you have a sales job or not. You’re selling your time. Selling your skills to an employer for a set amount per hour.You’re selling to your kids everyday. You sold yourself to a partner. But mostly, you’re selling yourself short!A personal trainer approached me the other day asking about making some […]

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Jan 26

The Rule of Mum!

Thinking about starting a home business?15 years in and there’s one question i’ve always used when it comes to selling a product, both my own, and from someone else.But first, let me tell you a wee story. Back in the day. Before any home business involvement. I had a car. A yellow one. It was […]

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Nov 17

“I Have Depression”

I’m not qualified in the slightest to speak about depression. But i’m all about taking responsibility for yourself. Every single aspect of your life, not just the bits you find easy. And i get it, it’s easier not to. As soon as you blame something or someone for an issue, you remove the responsibility of […]

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Jun 09

Coaching with Aberdeen & creating good habits

Something to ponder…When i coached with the Dons in the early two thousands i remember someone saying to me…’kids don’t need to warm up’And to be honest, young kids probably don’t. Especially not the kind of warm up an adult would do before playing.But i always did a bit at the start of the session […]

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Jun 02

Knowledge is… Shut up, no it’s not!

Knowledge is power!See people posting this all over their social media channels.But it’s not though, is it?And i wish they’d rephrase it to ‘knowledge is only potential power’.Because you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t put it into action, what use is it to anyone? What use is sitting […]

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