Coaching with Aberdeen & creating good habits

Jun 09

Something to ponder...

When i coached with the Dons in the early two thousands i remember someone saying to me...

'kids don't need to warm up'

And to be honest, young kids probably don't. Especially not the kind of warm up an adult would do before playing.

But i always did a bit at the start of the session we called a warm up. Some dribbling with a ball, sitting on it etc Things which replicate movements made in football. 

All dynamic stuff. Not the static nonsense you see players doing.


Quite simply to instill good habits into the kids.

I do the same with my boy. 

He's seen his daddy (and his mam) doing press ups, pull ups, planking etc for years. And at 3 years old, parks himself up beside me and copies me. I've got to lift him up on to the pull up bar and help him do 5. (also helps his counting)

His leg raises are decent too!

All this is good habits to be forming. (in my opinion)

So, i'm 9 days into my project u - the rebuild! challenge and as i was getting ready to head out for my daily 5k, Louis shit himself and apparently is was my turn to deal with it.

He's arsing about and i said to him, 'hurry up, daddy wants to go out for a run before the rain comes on'

Of course now he wants to come out for a run before the rain comes on!!!

So not wanting to knock his enthusiasm, i throw him in his buggy, cleaned his arse first of course, and off we went for a power walk up and down the hills of Portlethen!

Mam decided she would come too, so a full squad 5k!

Now i wouldn't be much of an internet marketer if i didn't end with a call to action, but instead of me trying to sell you something today...

Just have a think about what habits you're creating in your young ones.



Could improve?

Speak soon

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