“I Have Depression”

Nov 17

I’m not qualified in the slightest to speak about depression. But i’m all about taking responsibility for yourself.

Every single aspect of your life, not just the bits you find easy. And i get it, it’s easier not to. As soon as you blame something or someone for an issue, you remove the responsibility of having to deal with it.

But in doing so, you give all your power away!

Mental health is such an important part of life, and just as you would do the work to make your physical health better, you need to do the work to improve your mental health.

ie, taking responsibility!

In fact, i think the only thing i’ve heard Piers Morgan say which i’ve agreed with, is his quote a year or so ago…

We need to be helping kids grow up with strong minds.

He got battered from pillar to post by everyone in a rush to give all their power away.

Anyway, email from an old client, my boy Paul Mort today, i thought was brilliant. Just like the work he does with & for people struggling with mental issues.

See below.


WARNING: This might upset a few people…

But hey, I’m not here to be everyone’s friend…


anyhoo….. with the ‘trigger warning’ out of the way.. lets dive in

As you may or may not know…

I GET A LOT of messages, DM’s and emails from guys and gals who are struggling

And one the the recurring themes?

“I have depression”

Which I get. I mean back in 2014 I was suicidal and suffered horrendous mood swings

The thing is though…

Depression isn’t something you HAVE

Its not like when you ‘have’ a cold or a virus (mentioning no names here ha)

You CATCH those things

They’re contagious

Depression though? NOPE

Stay with me on this (I know its kinda hard hitting this)

Depression is a STATE


An emotion, a physiology and a feeling that we EXPERIENCE

Its not permanent like that ‘have’ would suggest

Its not something you OWN like ‘have’ would suggest

Its merely a STATE

And you CAN control it

You CAN get a handle on it

You CAN take f8cking charge of the way that you feel and CHANGE IT

But only if you’re committed to that AND you know how

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Paul ‘wake up call’ Mort

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