Depression, bad dad. That was perfect. Thank you.

Nov 03

One of our guys was having a rough day and offered up the following...

Hey guys,

Just a rough morning. I will start with i'm on medication for my depression and i do go to see a therapist. I feel like i'm only good at work. I feel like i'm a bad dad, bad husband, bad everything except for work. My wife tells me i'm not as terrible as i think i am. I have my moments just like everyone. I just can't shake this feeling i'm not good enough. I have 3 kids and don't want them to ever fear me like i did my father. How do i get to the feeling of success, how do i achieve that self gratification?

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Here's my reply...

My man. I work with guys like you’ve written about above every day.

So here’s what I would do.

Your language is extremely important. Stop saying ‘my’ depression. Its not yours. It’s a state you’re experiencing.

Starting sentences with ‘I feel like’ usually means you’re about to use your imagination. Is it true? How do you measure ‘bad dad’?

So you have to change things. Ask better questions. World class questions. Questions are the steering wheel of the mind. You’re in control.

Different questions —> different thoughts —> different feelings —> different actions —> different results 🙏🏽

Change up your routines. Nutrition, fitness, health, mindset, sleep etc. Start setting goals. Small ones at first so you achieve them. Make and keep your promises.

Start listing 3 things in each area each week, then at a later date, each day, you've done to be a great father, great husband and everything else you think you're bad at.

Success/feeling great requires daily work. It doesn’t happen by accident.

Our guy replied to that with...

This was perfect, thank you.

Now, it's just the tip of the ice berg. You have to do all the work daily. Transformational change, as i've told you many times before is DAILY work. Not just when you fancy it.

It's like building muscle. You've got to do the right things consistently.

And if you quit. The muscle disappears.

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