Swallowed up by a bad day.

Nov 03

Far too many men are living lives of quiet desperation, Ewan...

And one of the biggest reasons is a lack of purpose.

On our courses, we always work on your 'meaningful mission'. It's amazing how many men i've seen go from the depths of despair, being swallowed up by the smallest of things going wrong during their day to becoming absolute fucking animals...

Because they get their shit together!

It's been described by a few of our guys as 'like a light being switched on and all of a sudden i can see clearly'.

See, men without purpose, perish!

Because there's so much from the past ready to drag you backwards, and there's so much happening in the now to distract you and pull you sideways...

Without a strong purpose pulling you forward, it's easy to end up in a deflated heap of your own frustrations.

Wondering where you went. Wondering what happened to you.

So get a purpose. A Meaningful Mission!

You could call it a magnificent obsession. Doesn't have to be that dramatic but it has to be something pulling you into the future.

And the stronger the purpose, the stronger the pull!

No more being swallowed up by bad days.

High energy. Excited to get up in the morning. Ready to attack the day with a smile on your face!

That's what we do here...

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