Cuban style panini & the devil

Aug 04

I had a client years back who wanted the world but not as much as he wanted a pumpkin spiced latte & a muffin from Starbucks.

Would literally email one day telling me how he was ready to do whatever it takes to get in shape and earn some money because he was fat & skint.

But the next day i'd see his story on Insta smashing the daily calorie allowance on utter shite from Starbucks and paying heavy for it.

Now, i love a comparison, and it helps people to understand what they're spending over time, the small daily amounts versus the lump sum.

It's easy to spend when it's small, right?

So break it down...

The 90 Day Rebuild, which is absolutely fucking life changing, is only £599.

£6.65p a day!!

Funny story, it was £600 but i knew i'd use the daily costings at some point and it turned out to be £6.66 so i dropped a quid off it 😈

Anyway, for less than a cuban style panini and a strong black coffee from Starbucks each day, you can be on my course and getting your shit together.

So instead of pissing & moaning about how much it costs, get your missus to make you a sammich at home, like a real man, and enroll on the course today.

Sign up below and you'll get more info 🫡

Love ya 😘

ps, I wouldn’t have the balls to do that either, I’d just make my own sammich 🤣

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