Everybody can but not everybody will

Jul 11

I heard that around 2006, not long after being introduced to personal development as a concept, Jim Rohn I think it was.

And from then on I became fascinated with people and the mind.

Why do some, yet other others don’t?

Why did personal development get such a hold of me yet even when in the depths of despair, presented with solutions, some people still don’t choose that path?

Why do some strive for improvement yet some wallow around in their own misery?

Why do some make the same mistakes over and over again and wonder why it keeps happening to them?

A big part of it is awareness.

You’re not aware of what you’re not aware of 👊🏽

Or you don’t know what you don’t know!

So much goes into who you are…

Your examples and environment growing up mainly.

That shapes your beliefs, habits, routines, how you think etc

And as you get older, it’s tougher to change those.

The neurons wiring & firing together.

So how do change the path you’re on?

Well, awareness of wanting to change, accepting you can change and not settling for what you perceive is the hand you’ve been dealt.

How and what you think determines actions and then outcomes of those actions. ie, results.

So to change how you think you have to ask different and better questions.

Then you’ll get better answers.

So instead of pissing & moaning about something you’re not happy with, ask a better question…

How can I make an extra £10k this year?
How can I move house before the year end?
How can I (insert your issue here)

Try it 🙏🏽

The mind goes to work to complete the picture. It’s desperate to go to work for you.

Lousy master, excellent servant and all that ☺️

So use it 👊🏽

And if your question is how can I get my s**t together, master my emotions and start setting a better example…

Here’s the answer.

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