Worried about the cost?

Dec 06

Monday again, new week new goals, what are you getting after?

You might be about to pull the trigger on joining us for the 90 Day Rebuild. Our 1-1 coaching program.

It will be one of the best things you ever do. I promise.

Today, let's cover a few things about the cost.

I'm an all in or all out kinda guy. I think that's why i never offer payment plans. Something our guys ask about.

Listen, if you want in. Save it up over how many months you'd like me to offer the payment plan for. Then you've got the full amount.

Am i losing money because of it? Probably. Do i care? Not a jot.

Means i work with my kinda guys. Hungry and ready to tear it up and get results.

I'm also a believer in, if you can't afford it, don't buy it.

I fucked up in my early years when the bank was practically forcing me to take out loans and credit cards when they shouldn't have been.

So, bank the money, then it can be spent. 

What if you have the money but you're thinking 'should i invest it or not'.

And i'm not only talking about The 90 Day Rebuild, this advice could apply to any personal development products.

See, i've never regretted spending money on my own development. It's always the best return.

And i've learned to think different over the years.

So what if you instead of asking how much it costs you to start...

Ask what it's costing you not to start?

How long are you gonna put up with being out of shape? Being overweight. Being angry. Depressed. Fat. No energy. Broke. Playing the victim.

Also, you're passing this shit down to your kids. They deserve the best version of you.

You deserve the best version of you!

Whatever you got going on, when do you draw the line and say fuck it...

Enough is enough.

I won't live like this anymore!

It's time to build a fucking animal!

That's what we do here...

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Love ya, bye

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