Apologies if you got no presents

Dec 27

I hope the big fella was good to you and the kids, i really do.

But i'm a bit concerned for him and if he didn't show for your family then apologies. 

Let me explain...

He was here, dropping off all the stuff for Louis and he popped his head in, asked me if i had a minute.

I got up, made us a strong coffee and we sat down to see what was up.

Turns out he's not at his best!

Says he's not feeling like he used to. Doesn't have the same energy, he's let himself go a bit and even the reindeer have had a pop at him about having to carry an extra 2 stone all over the world.

They've also told him he's not as much fun as he used to be and even Mrs Claus agreed.

'I just feel a bit empty and lost', he told me.

And if he has a drink to 'unwind' like he did 10 years ago, it robs him of his energy for 2 to 3 days.

In his words, he said 'it's all just become a bit boring & mundane'

And this is what we hear all the time. Too many Dads in a similar position.

Not in control, no direction, getting blown about like a feather in the wind. Reacting to things all day. Tired in the morning & exhausted by night. Depressed, uninspired & unmotivated, even when it seems they have it all.

And it's an easy rut to fall into.

It's a simple rut to get out of too, but not easy. 

You have to do the work.

Plan & execute.

Every single day.

And as i said to him just before he set off to finish his nights work, i'll say to you...

You're in the right place, because i know i can help you rebuild a better man and feel great again!

If you want to! 

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Love ya, bye

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