Cool story, bro!

Dec 23

In the steam room earlier and there’s an overweight couple, not sure if they were an actual couple but they’re speaking away.

‘I’d really like to lose this weight but I don’t have the time’


Do you actually believe that?

It’s the perfect example of the bullshit story we tell ourselves as to why we we’re not doing something.

And that’s all it is.

A story!

Told so often you believe it. It becomes who you are.

I hear it most days.

I’d love to do (insert thing here) but I (insert bullshit story here)

I’ve been depressed for years because…

I’m overweight because…

I don’t exercise because…

I’m still in the job I hate because…

I’m skint because…

I’m exhausted because…

Stop justifying your own nonsense.

Take responsibility. It’s up to you. And when that moment comes, we'll be here to support you.

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