Daily Habits #1 – Lemon & Ginger

Mar 19

Welcome to our new mini series i've called Daily Habits.

It's little things i do daily which make a difference in the long run. Not too sure how many there will be, 10 or so, but if you implement them into your daily routine, i'm sure you'll see the benefits.

And as always, if you've something you think helps, share with us via the contact page and we'll get it out to everyone.

To kick us off, and aptly with this virus on the go, i've started with nutrition and the immune system.

I've had ginger & lemon tea for years now. Not everyday, i must admit but i know i should. And i'm not speaking about Twinnings teabags. Juice from an actual lemon and root ginger.

So get yourself a juicer and a citrus juicer too (see bottom for details) and you're good to go.

I usually use (roughly) an inch of ginger root through the juicer and half a lemon using the citrus juicer. 1/3rd fill the cup with cold water and top up with boiling water.

And drink!

Now, if it's a bit potent for you to start with, add in some honey to sweeten slightly.

After getting fed up of washing the juicer after each go, and also wanting it early in the morning or later at night, both when Louis was in bed, i started to juice a big amount of ginger into ice cube trays and freeze them. That way you can pop an ice cube into a cup, juice half a lemon (the citrus juicer can be silent) and away you go.

I have at times put the lemon juice into ice cubes too. 1 cube of each.

Hope this helps, and if you just don't like it, stick a slice of lemon in your Gin and soldier on.

love ya, bye

See juicer here (£40)

See citrus juicer here (£20)

2 great additions to your health regime and we'll have more on juicing in the coming days.

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